Fanta Ali

Born On : May 05, 1999
Country : Cote D'Ivoire
State : Abidjan
City : ---
Gender : Female

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I am a very likable person according to most people..Trust,comparability,always being their for each other in good times and bad

Musician, Ideas, Health and healthy stuff, Photography, Art
Shy, Cycling, Cooking, Football, Dancing
Old Songs, Rock Music
Don, Gladiator, Dhoom, Titanic, Twilight
Big Brother, comedy nights with Kapil, Game Of Throne, Bigg Boss
DreamLand - Pretty famous, Can love happen twice, I too had a love storyy
Love being the key to it all.In an ideal respect goes for all hand to hand. decisions are met together. one is there for the other
Pacific/Midway - (GMT-11:00) Midway